Moving Services Maine

Moving Services Maine

Here’s where we’re happy to assist you with the actual packing and moving of your household without really having to lift a finger! Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage has a full range of moving services providing complete personal goods move coordination.  Our program is designed to provide ease and convenience when moving your possessions to your new home.  We have a complete Moving Checklist to help plan your move!

The Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Moving Services program was established to help our customers move their precious possessions and reduce the stress of identifying a reputable mover.

We partner with local, national and international moving companies who were selected based on their commitment to custsomer service, high performance standards and dependability.  These standards are monitored continually and our moving partners must adhere to all our performance standards in order to remain on our program.

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage customers are entitled to this service at no cost.  To receive a complimentary moving quote click here.

Needs and Goals

Each move is different.  Many factors add up to make move coordination complex: the intricate timing associated with home purchase and sale; the amount and type of furnishings to move; the number of pick-ups and drop-offs required; the physical conditions of the home and surrounding area; the total move distance; state and/or international borders.

Interstate vs. Intrastate Moves

When a carrier moves goods across state borders they are subject to different regulations than apply to in-state moves.  These differences can impact your costs.

An interstate move is a shipment moving between two states.  Interstate moves are priced according to a tariff, total weight of all items to be shipped, and distance from the point of origin to your new home.  Interstate moves are federally regulated under specific tariffs (published schedules of rules, rates, and charges for the transportation of goods).  The tariff provides the schedule of rates and charges from which the van lines compute the total cost of the move.  Our van line partners offer many advantages for you on the shipment of your household goods, among which are discounted rates on transportation and savings on insurance by providing free excess replacement value coverage for interstate moves.

An intrastate move is shipment moving within the borders of one state.  Intrastate moves are state regulated and are generally priced according to an hourly rate filed with the state’s regulatory body.  The cost of an intrastate move will be determined by time and manpower required to accomplish the move.  Discounting the hourly rate for an intrastate move is usually not allowed.  Our van line partners offer competitive pricing on intrastate moves as well as attention and care for your belongings.

Items Movers Will Not Accept 

Even at additional cost, movers will decline to handle certain items:

  • Watches, jewelry, precious metals, or stones
  • Articles of extrodinary value, such as rare collector’s items
  • Coins, stamps, valuable papers, or legal tender of any kind
  • Articles of inherent or sentimental value, such as heirlooms
  • Livestock, pets, plants, and perishables
  • Weapons
  • Explosives, or dangerous items that could cause damage to the mover’s equipment or your belongings, such as aerosols, gasoline, kerosene, paint, matches, and ammunition.

Non-Standard Services

The following services performed by the moving company are not standard and will incur additional cost:

  • Any additional stop between origin and destination
  • Sunday/holiday delivery, overtime labor, or exclusive use of the van
  • Packing/transporting any unusual items not normally found in a home
  • Storage
  • Shipment of firewood, and construction/building materials such as wood, cement, brick, and stones

Selecting a Carrier

Selecting the right mover is critical to a successful move, as not all carriers provide all the services you may want or require.

For more assistance with your moving needs, contact us directly and we’ll put you in touch with a Moving Services Consultant.